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Solar Eclipse Resources at NBLA: Home

Resources at Niels Bohr Library & Archives related to solar eclipses, in preparation for the April 8, 2024 eclipse!

Emilio Segrè Visual Archives Eclipse Gallery

Joseph Horton times a 1925 Eclipse

George Hale, Arthur Noyes and Harry Goodwin at the 1900 Solar Eclipse in Wadesboro, North Carolina

US NRL Solar Eclipse Expedition to Khartoum, Sudan, February 1952

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory eclipse expedition to North West River, Labrador circa 1905

Presumed staff of the Warner and Swasey Observatory at Solar Eclipse Camp on August 31, 1932 in Douglas Hill, Maine

Samuel P. Langley of a Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory solar eclipse expedition, Wadesboro, North Carolina, May 28, 1900.

Group at Bellingshausen for the 1965 Total Solar Eclipse

Hedwig Kohn views solar eclipse at the University of Breslau with group, 1913

Featured Oral Histories

The Total Solar Eclipse of 1925 - Oral History Excerpts

In this video, listen to Alan Shapley, Robert Herman, and Helen Hogg reflect on witnessing the total solar eclipse of January 24, 1925 and the impact it had on their interest in astronomy.

Find more oral history excerpts about solar eclipses and other topics in our Voices of the Past Playlist on YouTube!

Archival Eclipse Footage

Home movie of a solar eclipse expedition to Lund, Sweden on June 30, 1954 filmed by William F. Meggers. See Catalog Record and Digital Repository. Forms part of the William F. Meggers home movies [motion picture] collection, 1927-1959.

The footage of the eclipse was described by Meggers as thus:
30 June. Eclipse expedition, Lund to Lyckas & 86 in party
Leave train at Jankoping. (K.W. Meissner of Purdue wears beret at 0:03-0:05)
Board buses for Lyckas -- 0:14
Inside a bus! -- 0:23
Leave buses to walk 2km over hills to center of eclipse (Julian Mack of Madison) -- 0:26
Procession to eclipse (deBruin and Kiess at 0:37) -- 0:34
"To the press - photography with flash light during eclipse absolutely forbidden" -- 0:38
1 PM. Standing on exact center of eclipse path Waiting for total eclipse -- 0:40
Blackness comes suddenly and lasts 137 seconds (dense clouds obscures all) -- 0:55
10 minutes after totality I pose with NBS spectroscopists and display eclipse necktie -- 1:09
Prof_ of_ lectures to disappointed crowd -- 1:11
Wild roses cheer us -- 1:26
Tramp down hill and pass foiled eclipse observers from -- 1:32
Return to buses & to grass-covered "Gyllene Uttern" = Golden Otter Restaurant for supper (free) and presents. 1:51
Bright sun breaks thru clouds 4 hrs after eclipse! -- 2:12

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